14 September, 2016

Does WebVR make sense?
By: Matthew Jackson

It is interesting to see the explosion of VR. Both with devices and software, though the software will need some time.

Mozilla and Chrome are pushing WebVR standards, and they are making quite a bit of progress. Would you ever really visit websites in VR? The way they are now? No... Thats obvious. But there is a HUGE advantage to WebVR over traditional.

WebVR will need no downloads or setup. Ever order online? You at most needed to create an account, but you didn't need to install an app....

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12 July, 2016

NoSQL vs SQL (short version)
By: Matthew Jackson

They both have their advantages. I will list 4 major advantages of each, there may be more but this is the short version.


  • Relationships. You can easily have two tables linked together with a shared id column. Getting data is easy and changing data means just changing the data in one spot.
  • Maturity. SQL has been used professionally for quite some time and many bugs have been found and fixed. Security holes have been identified and taught how to be beaten. Many times incorporated into
  • ...

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15 June, 2016

Is Meteor Dead or Dying?
By: Matthew Jackson

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Constantly


Well... The javascript ecosystem moves quickly, every 2 years there is a big boom in a new direction. Some quick research by Anthony (a.com) shows:

Backbone September 2010 May 2012
Ember.js November 2011 April 2013
AngularJs March 2012 August 2014

For Meteor's initial release in 2012, the above trend doesn't bode well, but it has stood for quite some time and likely will...

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13 April, 2016

VR with AFrame vs Three.js vs Babylon.js
By: Matthew Jackson

It is hard to compare three great evolving libraries. They all grow and change, but it is good to know what is working now and what isn't. 


This library probably is evolving faster than ThreeJS. It is always hard to tell, but they both don't have that many contributors besides their founders. It does look like Babylon had more updates recently and s more active community. 

It is worth noting that I did try BabylonJs a few months ago with Google Cardboard and it...

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