8 August, 2017

IPhone Single App vs Guided Access
By: Matthew Jackson

Both Single App and Guided Access can appear as a kiosk.

Guided Access:

Pros Cons

Easy to setup. Simply click in settings and triple click Home Button to start.

Restarting phone will cancel guided access.
Can easily change or adjust the app. Password can be guessed.
Doesn't need external computer to setup.  

Single App:

Pros Cons

Applications exist to make it easier to go through all of the

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21 May, 2017

Hiring a Programmer/Firm
By: Matthew Jackson

It can be very hard to hire someone for even a small project and try to know all the ins and outs. Are you getting charged fairly or not.

One thing that is important is that people sell value. That is usually not what people want to pay, they want to pay for effort/time on the project. Keep in mind its normal to spend effort on another project that translates to yours as well. So even effort is hard to guage, since a programmer can easily claim effort, and will claim effort, for another...

Tags: Programming, Advice, Cost

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10 April, 2017

AI: Past, Present and Future
By: Matthew Jackson

AI has really gone through leaps and bounds, but how far has it come and where can it go?


Depending on how loosely you define AI, it has been developed for quite some time. In fact chess or tic tac toe computer players would count. Apple with its program "Lisa" that would talk to the user as a therapist was quite impressive for the time.

Anything that simulates intelligent behaviour can count towards AI. This sadly means a whole world of what you might consider non intelligent...

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14 September, 2016

Does WebVR make sense?
By: Matthew Jackson

It is interesting to see the explosion of VR. Both with devices and software, though the software will need some time.

Mozilla and Chrome are pushing WebVR standards, and they are making quite a bit of progress. Would you ever really visit websites in VR? The way they are now? No... Thats obvious. But there is a HUGE advantage to WebVR over traditional.

WebVR will need no downloads or setup. Ever order online? You at most needed to create an account, but you didn't need to install an app....

Tags: VR

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