13 March, 2015

Keeping Your Mac Book Pro From Overheating
By: Matthew Jackson


There are some simple solutions to keeping your Mac book Pro cool.

I take NO RESPONSIBILITY, changing your system with software or hardware can damage it. Please do anything at your own risk. We are not professional laptop specialists.

When it comes to Mac OS X there are some simple solutions:

  1. Go to System Preferences->Energy Saver->Higer Performance (for older Models)
    • Newer Models: System Preferences->Energy Saver-> Uncheck Automatic Graphics
    • ...

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20 February, 2015

Businesses Should Avoid Wordpress, Unless....
By: Matthew Jackson

We do design websites for both big companies and small, and most businesses should avoid Wordpress. Discalimer: We try to avoid developing for Wordpress though if a client insists we can and have developed for them in Wordpress. Sometimes it is a good idea to use Wordpress, but make sure the below do NOT apply to you first. Though this is specific to Wordpress we do believe it applies to any or most CMS.



Wordpress sites get hacked alot. As a business this is the...

Tags: Wordpress

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9 February, 2015

SEO: Is it worth spending money on SEO?
By: Matthew Jackson

Should I spend money on SEO?

To be fair, we do sell SEO services here in Toronto, Canada, & abroad. Suprisingly SEO is worth it and not worth it! Surprised?

What NOT to do

It depends on the following: how are you boosting your seo? Is it by using SEO Secrets!? That is really bad! Why? It is simple... Google wants to connect users to websites. If you are cheating your way to google searchers, well that undermines google since searchers might be unhappy. Google might even penalize you;...

Tags: SEO, Business

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28 January, 2015

Creating a Blog with PHPixie, Part 1
By: Matthew Jackson

     We assume that you have a limited knowledge of Phpixie, and you can login (ie: users). You can see how to authenticate and have a user here. You can ignore most of the user code if you prefer to have your blogs editable or postable by anyone.

     Creating a blog first means creating the database layer. We will show you a simple, but we feel effective database table based off not just our own knowledge, but what we found available on the web as...

Tags: PHPixie, PHP, Blog

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