28 January, 2015

Creating a Blog with PHPixie, Part 1
By: Matthew Jackson

     We assume that you have a limited knowledge of Phpixie, and you can login (ie: users). You can see how to authenticate and have a user here. You can ignore most of the user code if you prefer to have your blogs editable or postable by anyone.

     Creating a blog first means creating the database layer. We will show you a simple, but we feel effective database table based off not just our own knowledge, but what we found available on the web as...

Tags: PHPixie, PHP, Blog

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15 January, 2015

Prevent Hackers with PHPixie
By: Matthew Jackson

It is important to know when programming how to prevent hacking. Here is another way where PHPixie works great and as expected.It appears to me that PHPixie protects against alot of stanard hacking if used in the proper and expected way:


When getting post data, instead of using the standard PHP: $_POST["variable_name"]; (WRONG)

Use PHPhixie:


When adding it into the database do NOT use mysql queries... instead use...

Tags: PHPixie, Security, SQL

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5 October, 2014

Install PHPixie on a Mac
By: Matthew Jackson

MampThe first thing to do is to install MAMP. This will be your local webhosting server. You technically already have much of the software installed on your apple computer, but MAMP puts it all in one place in a simple GUI. Just clicking start will setup everything and allow you to stop it easily. Similarly any mac OS updates that might break your server, but with Mamp they will obviously focused on making sure their one product doesn't break. Go to: http://www.mamp.info/en/index.html, Download...

Tags: PHPixie

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