14 September, 2016

Does WebVR make sense?
By: Matthew Jackson

It is interesting to see the explosion of VR. Both with devices and software, though the software will need some time.

Mozilla and Chrome are pushing WebVR standards, and they are making quite a bit of progress. Would you ever really visit websites in VR? The way they are now? No... Thats obvious. But there is a HUGE advantage to WebVR over traditional.

WebVR will need no downloads or setup. Ever order online? You at most needed to create an account, but you didn't need to install an app. Currently ease of use is huge.

WebVR will be much worse than code written for graphics cards, but probably most WebVR won't be high graphics intense games that you will want to download tons of graphics for only once.


WebVR will likely be small useful apps that aren't worth downloading. One time or simple Apps. For example, you want to see what a monument looks like, a possible apartment you want to rent etc.... The ideas are endless. Currently you need to put your goggle on for a Website, so it should be tantalizing, but soon you might be wearing them anyway during your day. If that's the case the whole web might eventually change, but the simple useful apps will definitely have their place in VR.

Currently the Web is great. Its quick and easy to read/skim. VR breaks that making it more engrossing, but you might not want to be immersed, you might want to flick through tabs etc...

Tags: VR