10 December, 2014

AI Partnership
By: Matthew Jackson

We are happy to announce that we are working with Mock Intelligence. We have already developed their website, and will continue working with them to help develop web applications that involve artificial intelligence.

Having A.I. isn't enough nowadays, you need it also to be on the "cloud". That is primarily because many times with A.I. you want as much information as possible, which means it needs to be accessible from everything and everywhere. That means that a website, a mobile app, and possibly a regular application will be needed to develop A.I. products that will be successful.

We are always happy to work with companys to help them develop products. In this case we are both software developers, but we do what we are good at, while they can do what they are good at, which is a great partnership.

So far we don't have any new projects to work on yet, but it is nice to know that A.I. might be moving forward and available to more people in their regular applications!

Tags: AI, Business, News